By using a winter home maintenance checklist, you will be protecting your Louisville Kentucky house from damage as well as saving yourself money on potential repairs and heating expenses. Preparing your home for the cold weather months means identifying any issues, repairing, and preventing issues so your house can withstand the cold temperatures, snow, and ice.

You Need to Follow a Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

The winter months bring about snow, ice, and cold temperatures that can damage multiple areas of your Louisville house. You can avoid major damages and maintenance costs by following a preventative winter home maintenance checklist. Also, you can save money by creating a more energy efficient home by keeping the cold out while you enjoy a toasty warm home. Learn how to prepare your house for winter by following this winter home maintenance checklist.


Your Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

  1. Ensure that chimney vents are cleared. Your fireplace is a great source of heat and provides beautiful ambience in your Louisville KY home during the wintertime. However, if your chimney vents and flues are not cleaned and free of debris you and your home could be in danger. The chimney causes more structural fires in residences than any other method. Check your chimney for ash and have your chimney cleaned. Be sure to keep the hearth area clean. Also, remove all debris in and around the vents.


  1. Check your supply of sand, salt, or kitty litter. You will need to stock up on sand or salt especially when snow and ice hits Louisville. Sand and salt helps prevent falls. As a homeowner, you are responsible for any damages incurred by others on your property. To avoid problems, keep your walkways, sidewalks, and driveways sprinkled with sand or salt. Sand and salt can also be used when you need assistance getting your car out of your driveway in instances of large snowfall or lots of ice.


  1. Check the driveways, walkways, and basement window sills are clear of snow and ice. Always keep your driveway and sidewalks free of snow and ice. This will help prevent personal injury of yourself and your visitors. Also, be sure to keep your window wells clear of snow and ice. Large amounts of snow and ice can build up in your basement’s wells and potentially cause damage the windows allowing the elements into your Louisville home.


  1. Keep eaves, gutters, and overhangs clear. If your gutters are clogged, the rain and snow can turn into ice and cause damage to your gutters. Also, clogged drains to do allow for rain to pass through and therefore the pooling of water can cause very costly roof damage.


  1. Check fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, and carbon monoxide detectors regularly. With fireplaces, heaters, and candles being used more frequently in the winter months, you must be sure your fire preventative devices are working correctly. Be sure your fire extinguisher is readily available and that you know how to use your extinguisher. Check that your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors have batteries. Read more valuable information about fire emergencies here.


  1. Remove excessive snow from roofs. A damaged roof is one the most expensive home repairs you can incur so be sure that large accumulations of snow is removed from your roof. The weight of the snow can damage your roof and cause leaks into your Louisville home. Interior water damage is expensive to repair and can lead to mold exposure and damage.


  1. Check to see if any exterior windows are open. Heat needs to stay inside your home. If open windows or windows with significant leaks are not addressed, the warm air leaves your home and is replaced with cold air. This is not efficient and your heater will continue to stay on to try and replace the escaping warm air.


  1. Check for windows that ice-up or fog on the inside or between the panes. Repair or replace if necessary. If your windows fog up or build ice between the panes or even inside the home, your windows leaks need to identified and repaired. If the damage is too great to be repaired, you will need to replace your windows. All the heat is escaping through the windows and cold air is entering your home, making your heating system inefficient. You are, literally, throwing your money out the window.


  1. Replace furnace filters. Always maintain your furnace and a simple place to start is the filters. If the filters are dirty, they are clogging the furnace and not allowing it to work efficiently, therefore increasing your energy bills. Replace all furnace filters for better efficiency and lower your heating bill.


  1. Check radiators for airlocks and/ or leaks. During periods of inactivity (summer and spring), your radiator will have air in the pipes. At the beginning of winter, you will need to “bleed” your radiator and remove all the air in order for the radiator to generate the heat needed for your Louisville Kentucky home. After you remove all the air, check for leaks to ensure that your radiator is working efficiently.


  1. Check outdoor spigots (water valves) are open and shut off inside. To avoid burst pipes, always start your winter by opening the outdoor water valves and shutting off the water from the inside. Never leave your hoses attached to the outdoor spigots.


  1. Consider a heating cable to wrap around water pipes. If you want an extra layer of protection with your water pipes, to avoid potential bursting and water damage, you can use a heating cable to insulate your water pipes.


When you follow a winter home maintenance checklist, you will save money on costly maintenance as well as heating costs. Preparing your Louisville home for winter, protects your biggest asset, protects you from significant financial hardships, and allows for minimal repair hassles in the frigid temperatures. Stay warm and stay while protecting your home this winter season.      


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