So you inherited a house from your great aunt Claire or grandpa Bob, and at first it seemed like a really great thing, like a blessing. All of your friends and family told you how lucky you were, and it made you smile to think of getting a “free” house. But then, once the probate court process was over and ownership of the house had been transferred to you, you finally realized just how much work this “free” house was REALLY going to take. Often repairs can add up to thousands of dollars you just don’t have!

I can help.

Sometimes the emotional strain of cleaning out and fixing up the inherited home of a loved one, such as a mother or father, is so painful that you would rather sell it quickly and be done with it. This happens all the time.

I can help.

Or maybe you noticed the neighborhood is not as nice as you remember it, and now you really don’t want to live there after all.

I can help.

If you have a house that you’ve inherited in the city of Louisville, KY call me. A lot of people don’t have the time (or the money) to get a home ready to sell on the open market with a Realtor. Real estate agents will often kindly, but plainly say that they just don’t take listings on a houses that need too many repairs. They don’t want their company to get a reputation for selling ugly houses, and you can’t blame them, can you?

If you need to sell an inherited house in Louisville, KY and just want to see how much you can get in today’s investor market, give SnH Homes a call at 502-694-0246. It’s quick and easy, and there is no charge to you for our visit. You are in no way obligated to sell your home to our company if we come out, we’re just coming out to see if our company can solve the problem of what to do with your unwanted home.

Do you need fast cash for your inherited property? I can’t buy every house, but I work with a team of home buyers and investors to quickly liquidate unwanted homes. We offer a simple solution to the problem of unwanted homes and ugly houses*.

*Ugly houses are homes that have been neglected for years, or need more repairs made than you either have the time or money to make on your own to sell your house through a Realtor.

We are NOT attorneys, and we do not give legal advice.

If you just found out that the person has died and the probate process has just begun, here a quick guide to some of the terminology you will need to know:

Legal Glossary for Probate Court

What is an Administrator or Administratrix?
An administrator or administrarix is a person appointed by probate court to act on behalf of an estate when a person dies without a will.

What is an Administrator with Annexed Will?
Person appointed by the court to act on behalf of the estate when there is a will, but no one was named in the will to administer the distribution of the assets.

What is a Conservator?
A Conservator is a person appointed by probate court to manage the money inherited by a minor child.

What is an Executor or Executrix?
An Executor or Executrix is the person named in a will to handle the estate of a deceased person.

What is Probate Court?
Probate court legally determines the validity of a will to insure the fair distribution of an estate when someone dies.

Need more help understanding how probate court works in Louisville KY, or Jefferson County, Kentucky? Contact the Jefferson County Kentucky Probate Department at 502-595-4434. The Office of Jefferson County KY Circuit Court Clerk is located at 600 W. Jefferson St, Louisville, KY 40202.

To find out how much your inherited home is worth, please call Simone at SnH Homes at 502-694-0246 today!

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