A summer home maintenance checklist is a-must-have for every homeowner in Louisville. It comes in handy in the process of preventing unexpected surprises and big repairs that could prove to be costly to homeowners. Using these summer maintenance tips for your Louisville house will help you control the expenses of maintaining your house throughout the year while avoiding unwanted issues. Maintaining your house can be a daunting effort especially because you will have to spend money and time to do so. The biggest challenge, however, would be when you have to make major repairs due to ignoring these summer maintenance tasks. With this maintenance checklist, however, we hope to offer you guidance and help so that nothing will come as a surprise. Most importantly, with the maintenance checklist in hand, you will be able to deal with one issue at a time, keep track of your progress and protect your Louisville, Kentucky home.

Importance of House Maintenance for Summer Months

There are several reasons why you must perform various maintenance tasks in summer. As mentioned above, utilizing a summer home maintenance schedule allows you to avoid unexpected, expensive repairs in the future. And yes, it is true you will have to spend money to perform the summer maintenance tasks in the list below. The cost of doing this preventative maintenance will pay off in the long run by saving you from having to pay for a major repair. The lifespan of some systems and housing components such as the driveway or roof can also be prolonged through these maintenance tasks. It is, therefore, critical to use a summertime maintenance checklist to identify some of the repairs that you may have otherwise overlooked. Prolonging the lifespan of your roof, siding, etc. saves you money and is well worth the time it takes to perform preventative maintenance. As an additional benefit, maintaining your Louisville house with seasonal checklists will also ensure your house is safe for your family. It is not uncommon to find issues in your exterior space that can cause injuries to you and your family. As you use the summer home maintenance checklist, you will be in a position to identify some of the security and safety issues with ease.

Your Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

There are several things that must be included in your summer home maintenance checklist. Here are the most critical ones:

  • Repair cracks in masonry walls, driveways, & walkways. Damp-proof masonry surfaces & seal asphalt surfaces. Here, you should fill cracks with the recommended concrete or brick pavers. Tar and asphalt can help if the driveways and walkways are outdated.
  • Weed gardens, and make sure lawns get adequate watering. To ensure that your gardens and lawns are perfectly maintained, you should find the right tools. The mower blades, for instance, should be sharp enough to cut the grass well.
  • Check roofing and flashing for damage, and repair or replace if necessary. A roof that is older than five years should always be checked and repaired during summer. If the roof has exceeded the warranty period, it should be replaced. New and sophisticated roof designs should used in case of replacements to create an amazing look in a home.
  • Pressure -wash siding. Check for damage and repair or replace if necessary. Regardless of the design, sidings should be cleaned and repaired during summer.
  • Check cooling and dehumidifier systems. Change filters An expert in the field can be invited to check such systems. They may recommend repairs or replacement depending on the condition
  • Check exposed water pipes for condensation. Insulate pipes if necessary.
  • Check attic area for signs of moisture problems. This may include wetness, water stains, on insulation and on roof trusses.
  • Replace the washers in all faucets in every rental property. This acts as a preventative maintenance.
  • Repair or replace window screens as necessary. The summer is the ideal time to paint windows since they are expected to stand harsh weather conditions. They may also be replaced with energy saving types.

By using a summer home maintenance checklist, it is possible to avoid costly repairs, prolong the lfespan of your house and enhance the safety and security of your family. If you have any questions about any of the items on this summer checklist for maintaing your Louisville house, please do not hesitate to contact us at SnH Homes. Also, if you find your home in a state of disrepair and wish to sell it fast with no repairs needed, SnH
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