The easiest way to stop foreclosure in Louisville KY is to sell your house before they take it!

You know it’s true. Everybody knows it’s true, but it hurts to think you lost the fight. The easiest way to stop foreclosure from ruining your credit, ruining your health, ruining your marriage or relationship, or just plain ruining your life is to sell it before they take it. Nobody, and I mean nobody, likes to admit defeat. Nobody likes to face the problems of life head on. You are not alone, but sometimes, you have to bite the bullet and realize just where you’re at. You have to be smart enough to sell your house, pay your bills, save your credit, and wait until it’s time to start over.

Owning a home is sometimes like buying stock. Everybody wants to buy low and sell high, but sometimes you have to sell at a loss to prevent losing everything! The sooner you sell your house and get out from under the pressure of all the mortgage payments, large utility bills, and overdue repairs, the easier your life is going to be. When you sell your house to SnH Homes, you don’t have to fix it up, make repairs, or spend all that time and money that right now, you just don’t have. If you sell your house before the bank forecloses, you can still get an apartment based on your credit not having a foreclosure or short sale on your record.

Doesn’t that make sense?

If you are in the beginning stages of trying to figure out what to do, and how to get out of the situation alive, give Simone Mancuso at SnH Homes a call at 502-694-0246.

SNH Homes buys houses and solves problems just like yours every week. Most people who are facing a potential foreclosure like you really haven’t had the money to keep their house in good repair, and most the time houses that are heading towards foreclosure need too much work to be listed by a Realtor.

It’s like a crazy catch 22. You need to sell your house to get out the financial mess you’re in, but you keep telling yourself you need to fix it up before you can sell it on the open market. It’s enough to drive you crazy!

Look around! A lot of people in America and Louisville, KY too have had their house foreclosed on in the last six or seven years. You don’t have to let it get to that point. Call me, Simone Mancuso, at 502-694-0246 and at no cost to you I’ll come out to your house. You and I will sit down and talk in the privacy of your own home about your house and your financial situation. Together we will see if I help can solve your problems by buying your home and saving your credit until you’re ready to get back on your feet. (And don’t worry if you think your credit is bad because of past due bills. Past due bills can be caught up in a couple of years and made right much quicker than a foreclosure on your record.)

When SnH Homes buys your house, there’s no signs in your yard to bring out the nosey neighbors who want you to explain what happened over and over again. When SnH Homes buys your house, we make a cash offer that can close in a matter of days. Go pack your things. Call the movers. Problem solved. You WILL get through this!

At SnH Homes, I can’t buy every house, but I do work with a team of investors and home buyers who can buy your home for cash fast, any time of year. When working with the real estate investors at SnH homes, we don’t care how many repairs you need to make. We have a team of skilled carpenters, painters, electricians, and plumbers on call, and can always buy your house in “as is” condition, so stop worrying!

*At SnH Homes, we are not attorneys and DO NOT give legal advice. We listen, we help people, and we solve problems.

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If you, a loved one, or a friend needs an easier way out when selling their home quickly and discretely, give Simone Mancuso a call at 502-694-0246 today. You’ll be glad you did!

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