Here’s a quick look at common mistakes you want to avoid when selling your house.

  1. You base your asking price on what you paid for the house, on what you’ve spent on the house or on the outstanding balance amount. You don’t do proper market research to find out what other similar houses in your area are selling for. This means that you either ask too much or too little for your house.
  2. You get emotionally involved. You get offended when someone makes you a lowball offer. You don’t negotiate at all. You forget that this is a business transaction. You make the sale of the house a personal matter.
  3. You leave your stuff everywhere…. This means that the potential buyer cannot imagine living in the house. You also don’t ensure that your pets and children are not underfoot when potential buyers view the house.
  4. You neglect to maintain the house and garden thinking that the potential buyer can see the potential regardless and will want to buy the house no matter what it looks like.
  5. You don’t market the house properly or use poor quality photos when advertising online. The more good quality photos there are, the more likely the house will sell.
  6. You hide significant problems when trying to sell the house hoping that the buyer might only realize it after buying. If your home is under contract and it is discovered, it could lead to costly surprises.
  7. You don’t let the buyers come over to see the house when it’s convenient to them. You postpone meeting with the buyer which results in the buyer viewing other houses and perhaps making an offer without even viewing your home.
  8. When a potential buyer visits the house, you follow them through the house and comment on everything. You don’t give the potential buyer space to view the house at their pace. You sometimes block the buyer’s access to some areas of the house or closets you don’t want to show.
  9. You sign a purchase contract with the first offer you get. You don’t check to see whether the potential buyer is qualified to make the offer or not. This results in costly delays in selling the house.
  10. You don’t bother to clean or stage your house adequately. It’s a lot of effort to keep a house show ready, but worthwhile as it helps sell a house much quicker for a better price.

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