Home security tips to prevent burglars and provide home protection to your Louisville house are important. DIY home security is a cheaper alternative to home protection. Here are some of the best tips for home security of your Louisville, Kentucky home.

Home Security Tips: DIY Home Alarm System

You can purchase an easy to install home alarm system at most large hardware stores (e.g., Lowe’s) or Amazon. For example, the Iris Home Management System is sold as a DIY kit and supports multiple accessories and includes intrusion, environmental, surveillance, and life safety alarms. The software even pairs with your mobile devices (iOS and Android). Other DIY home security alarm systems are Piper NV, iSmartAlarm, and GetSafe. This home protection option ranges in price from $129 to $279. Be sure to hide all exterior wires, where applicable, to keep burglars from cutting or damaging the system’s wiring.  

Home Security Tips: Install a Simple CCTV Surveillance System

If you prefer a simpler option from the complete home alarm system, a CCTV monitoring system is a great alternative. These are cameras, most commonly connected to a wireless device, that monitor the outside and inside of your Louisville KY house. The simple set-up is DIY and costs vary based on your technology needs ($49 to $299). Be sure to hide all exterior wires, where applicable, to keep burglars from cutting or damaging the system’s wiring.  

Home Security Tips: Glass Breakage Detector

A glass breakage detector senses the frequency of glass breaking. If a burglar smashes a glass door or window in an effort to enter your Louisville Kentucky house, the detector will trigger an alarm immediately, deterring the burglar away from your property. The detectors are easy to install and only costs $10 to $20 for a package of two that you can find at most hardware stores.

Home Security Tips: Install Solid Wood or Metal Exterior Doors

Install solid wood or metal doors to prevent burglars from barrelling through your exterior doors and gaining access to your home. Intruders can easily break a hollow wood door, so replacing your entrance doors with solid wood or metal is a great DIY home security tip.


Home Security Tips: Always Install Interior Door Hinges

Never install your exterior doors with the hinges facing outside. Burglars will be able to easily remove the door from the hinges and gain access to your house. Always install your doors with the hinges facing inside the house.

Home Security Tips: Deadbolt Locks

One of the simpier home security tips that is cheap and very easy to install are deadbolt locks. A deadbolt lock is stronger than a spring latch lock, which provides your Louisville house with more protection. Allow for at least one inch thick deadbolt locks and ensure there is little to no space between the door, the lock, and the frames to keep intruders from using the space to force the door apart. Reinforce the door with plywood or metal sheets.

Home Security Tips: Keep the Illusion Someone is Home

One of the home security tips that costs no money at all is making sure your Louisville, KY house has the impression that someone is home especially if you are on vacation or otherwise not occupying the home for any extended period of time. Use automatic timers on your lights. Keep some lights on inside the house, especially in the main areas such as the living room. Have your neighbor(s) bring in your mail and newspaper (or have your mail held at the post office). Ask your neighbor(s) to help watch your property.

Home Security Tips: Don’t Forget Your Garage

The garage is vulnerable to burglars and often overlooked by Louisville homeowners. Be sure the access door (the door that leads to the outside of the house from the garage) is equipped with a deadbolt. Also, be sure the entry door (the door that leads to the inside of the house from the garage) is equipped with a deadbolt and securely locked in the event a burglar has accessed your garage but cannot access your house. Make sure to check the integrity of the garage door is in excellent condition and not easily able to bend or be broken by an unwanted intruder.


Here is a great home security tips checklist to add to your DIY home protection measures.


The DIY home security tips protect your biggest asset and prevent burglars from damaging your Louisville house and stealing your property. These best tips for home security can get you started on a cheaper but still effective alternative to home protection.