By following these fall home maintenance tips, you will save money on your Louisville Kentucky home maintenance. Your home is your most valuable asset and you should take preventative measures to protect your home. If you do not take care of your home and follow a checklist of fall maintenance tips for your home, serious issues (often with a large price tag) could arise.

The Importance of Following Fall Home Maintenance Tips

Following a fall maintenance checklist for your home will help avoid big repair disasters and keep maintenance costs at a minimum. Preparing your Louisville KY house for the colder months is important in identifying any issues that need your attention. Also, keeping your home maintenance on a consistent schedule will prolong the life of your home and all its attributes.

Looking for seasonal house maintenance tips for other seasons? Here’s our summer home maintenance checklist and keep your eyes open for a winter checklist coming soon!

Fall Home Maintenance Tips and Maintenance Checklist

  • Re-seed and fertilize where needed. Put down a layer of seed and fertilize your lawn in the fall so the thinning areas of your lawn will start growing grass and more lush areas will have the benefit of over-seeding.
  • Check window and door weather-stripping and caulk around windows and doors with a quality caulk. Caulking around windows and doors prevents cold air drafts from entering your home plus checking the integrity of previous weather-stripping in case new applications are necessary.
  • Check fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, and carbon monoxide detectors. Always check the extinguishers locking pin is intact and the tamper seal is not broken. Keep the extinguisher in an accessible location. Make sure all detectors are working by holding down the “test” button. Replace batteries as needed. For a carbon monoxide detector, get a CO detector test kit to ensure the detector is reading the air correctly.
  • Check the insulation in the attics and add more if necessary. A properly insulated attic keeps cold air drafts out of your Louisville home and can save you up to 50% off of your heating bill.
  • Prepare plants, gardens, small trees, and shrubs for the winter. Harsh temperatures and snow can damage and kill your landscape items. Small trees and shrubs can be wrapped and the proper pruning of large trees and shrubs can be performed to avoid breaking during heavy snow. Using repellants on large garden areas prevent animals from eating your fruits and vegetables. Repellants do not harm or kill animals. Bring potted flowers and plants inside. For all other flowers and plants, add an extra layer (two to three inches) of mulch as well as cover with a frost guard, and keep your plants watered.
  • Clean gutters. Clogged gutters damage your gutters as well as the home, roof, siding, and landscaping. This may seem minor but it is one of the very important fall home maintenance tips as water damage to your home and roof is very expensive.
  • Bleed the air from all radiators in a hot-water heating system. Air gets trapped in the pipes of your radiators. When you release that air you allow the radiator to work efficiently and improve your heating system.
  • Duct tape all exposed duct joints in a forced-air heating system. Duct systems can leak hot air and lose energy. Duct taping the joints reduces energy waste and saves you money.
  • One of the best fall home maintenance tips is to insulate all exposed water pipes and wrap heating cable around water pipes in unheated areas and insulate. Insulating and wrapping water pipes, especially in unheated areas, prevents your pipes from freezing and causing costly water damage and flood repairs.
  • Seal up any holes or cracks on the exterior of the building that have not yet been sealed. This avoids cold air from entering the home and hot air escaping. Also, this prevents small animals and insects from seeking shelter in your home.
  • Replenish your supply of salt or sand, if needed. During the snowy and icy seasons, protect your family, visitors, and neighbors with the application of salt (to melt the snow) and sand (to provide traction) to your driveway, porch, and sidewalk.

Theses fall home maintenance tips will save you money and protect your Louisville home. Following this fall home maintenance checklist will keep you on track for proper home maintenance; you will prolong the life of your home including the pipes and landscaping. These valuable tips will ensure your home is energy efficient, keep your costs low, and most importantly keep your family safe.

We hope you find these fall maintenance tips and home maintenance checklist valuable. If you have further questions or need a stress-free solution to sell a house in Louisville, Kentucky, please do not hesitate to contact us at SnH Homes.