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5 Tips to Avoid Foreclosure Scams

You can avoid foreclosure scams in Louisville Kentucky by understanding how the foreclosure counseling process works and knowing where to go and what to do if you are facing a foreclosure. Financial struggles and the inability to pay your mortgage are stressful and oftentimes you may feel there are no options for your situation. Rest assured there are many options to help you avoid falling victim to a foreclosure scam. Here are five tips to avoid foreclosure scams.

5 Tips to Improve Credit Scores

You can always improve your credit score; it takes consistent effort, a financial plan, and patience to improve credit scores. When you buy a home or car, lease property and, in some cases, apply for a job, your credit determines your chances of attaining any of these items. If you have poor credit, chances of getting a loan is slim. If you want to know how to improve your credit score, here are some credit score tips to get a better credit score.

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    How to Sell a House in Probate in Louisville, Kentucky Quickly and Easily

How to Sell a House in Probate in Louisville, Kentucky Quickly and Easily

Can you sell a house in probate in Louisville, KY? This is one of the questions that you may be trying to answer after your loved one passed on and left an inherited property behind. While you and your family will be mourning the passing of your loved one, it is also important for you to take care of other critical issues such as selling an inherited property left behind. Fortunately, you can reduce the stress and hassle of selling a house in probate in Louisville, Kentucky by consulting the right people, following the legal process and finding the right buyer for your inherited house.

How Do I Stop Foreclosure or Avoid Foreclosure in Louisville KY Sell My House for Cash

The easiest way to stop foreclosure in Louisville KY is to sell your house before they take it!

You know it’s true. Everybody knows it’s true, but it hurts to think you lost the fight. The easiest way to stop foreclosure from ruining your credit, ruining your health, ruining your marriage or relationship, or just plain ruining your life is to sell it before they take it. Nobody, and I mean nobody, likes to admit defeat. Nobody likes to face the problems of life head on. You are not alone, but sometimes, you have to bite the bullet and realize just where you’re at. You have to be smart enough to sell your house, pay your bills, save your credit, and wait until it’s time to start over.

Owning a home is sometimes like buying stock. Everybody wants to buy low and sell high, but sometimes you have to sell at a loss to prevent losing everything! The sooner you sell your house and get out from under the pressure of all the mortgage payments, large utility bills, and overdue repairs, the easier your life is going to be. When you sell your house to SnH Homes, you don’t have to fix it up, make repairs, or spend all that time and money that right now, you just don’t have. If you sell your house before the bank forecloses, you can still get an apartment based on your credit not having a foreclosure or short sale on your record.

Doesn’t that make sense?

If you are in the beginning stages of trying to figure out what to do, and how to get out of the situation alive, give Simone Mancuso at SnH Homes a call at 502-694-0246.

SNH Homes […]

What is Probate Court in Louisville KY How Do I Sell an Inherited House or Property?

So you inherited a house from your great aunt Claire or grandpa Bob, and at first it seemed like a really great thing, like a blessing. All of your friends and family told you how lucky you were, and it made you smile to think of getting a “free” house. But then, once the probate court process was over and ownership of the house had been transferred to you, you finally realized just how much work this “free” house was REALLY going to take. Often repairs can add up to thousands of dollars you just don’t have!

I can help.

Sometimes the emotional strain of cleaning out and fixing up the inherited home of a loved one, such as a mother or father, is so painful that you would rather sell it quickly and be done with it. This happens all the time.

I can help.

Or maybe you noticed the neighborhood is not as nice as you remember it, and now you really don’t want to live there after all.

I can help.

If you have a house that you’ve inherited in the city of Louisville, KY call me. A lot of people don’t have the time (or the money) to get a home ready to sell on the open market with a Realtor. Real estate agents will often kindly, but plainly say that they just don’t take listings on a houses that need too many repairs. They don’t want their company to get a reputation for selling ugly houses, and you can’t blame them, can you?

If you need to sell an inherited house in Louisville, KY and just want to see how much you can get in today’s investor market, give SnH Homes a call at 502-694-0246. It’s […]

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