1. Take the risk and price the house right

If you want plenty offers, you need to list your house a little lower than similar properties in your vicinity. Because the house is seen as a bargain, it will generate a lot of interest and you will get multiple bids. You can then choose the highest offer and tell the other buyers about it to give them a chance to make a counter-offer. This could result in you getting a higher price than your original listing price.

2. Create an irresistible first impression

You’ll never have a second chance to make the right first impression.

The outside of your house is the first thing potential buyers see. You want to make people feel warm, welcome and safe as they approach the house. You’re sure to get your investment returned if you buy a few inexpensive shrubs and bright, happy flowers. Make sure that the lawn is trimmed and edged.

Put yourself in your buyer’s shoes as you enter the house. What would make your entrance look attractive to them?

3. Maximize the light in your home

People like houses that have plenty natural light in them.

Remove old, heavy drapery and replace it with something light and airy to allow the natural light to shine into each room. You can clean the windows and cut away any outside plants that block the sunlight into the room. Paint the walls a soft white color, or if you cannot afford it, make sure that all the marks are cleaned off the walls to make the rooms seem brighter.

4. Create a feeling of space

Make your house seem spacious by clearing all possible clutter. Don’t relocate the clutter to your cupboards, as potential buyers are likely to open them to see how spacious they are. Clear out your cupboards as well and leave only a few neatly organized belongings in them in order for them to appear as spacious as possible.

De-personalize the house. The more personal stuff there is in your house, the less potential buyers will be able to envision themselves living in it. Put family photos and special collections into storage.

Remember that too much furniture also makes a place look cluttered. Clear out what is not absolutely essential to show each room to its full advantage. Arrange the furniture away from the walls and try to place furniture so that the traffic flow in each room is obvious. For instance, when you arrange furniture in a room, envision a figure-eight or the letter H in the middle, with clear pathways around it. This will make the room seem larger.

5. Make a splash with color

Painting is the cheapest, easiest way to give your home a new look.

Quick fixes before selling always pay off. However, large makeovers will not give good returns in the short run. Rather replace old door handles, make sure that the grout is clean and that there are no leaking faucets.

6. Temporarily relocate your animals

Not everybody loves animals. Buyers don’t want to walk through your home and see a bowl of dog food on the floor, fall over a favourite pet toy or get pet hairs all over their clothes. Most people also don’t appreciated being licked by your friendly dog. People buy with their noses too, so make sure that all odors are removed before buyers arrive by opening the windows well in advance.

7. Advertise online

If you don’t list your house online, you’re missing out on a whole pool of serious buyers. In order to create the best impression online, make sure that you take photos of the house with a wide angle lens which will make it seem larger and increase its perceived value. The more quality photos a listing has, the faster it will sell.

8. Sell to a real estate investor

Not everyone is able to wait for a retail buyer (owner occupant). There is an option to sell fast to an investor. You can get a free cash offer by clicking here.


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