Why do some homes stay on the market for months while others are snapped up in a matter of days?

  1. Unrealistic pricing

Price is usually the overriding factor in any home that doesn’t sell. To sell your home, the price must be right. If your price is too high, your home will be on the market for a long time which will lead to people wondering what is wrong with it.

You cannot base your listing price on how much you paid for the home or what the cost of improvement projects was. This is irrelevant to buyers. In fact, in a competitive market, the sellers don’t set the price. Buyers do.

If you overprice your home you undermine your selling efforts. You are helping competing sellers to look like their properties are better value for money in comparison to yours.

  1. Poor condition

If you have put off maintenance of repairs on your house, it could be in poor condition.

If a house looks like it’s going to cost half as much to repair or renovate it as it does to purchase it, your house won’t sell. Most buyers want a move-in ready home. They don’t want to spend time on renovations or redecorating.

You may want to consider selling your house to a real estate investor if you do not want to carry out any repairs or renovations yourself.

  1. Inadequate marketing efforts and frightening photos

You need an aggressive sales plan that takes advantage of as many publicity channels as possible. Your aim is to get your listing connected to as many eyes as possible.

People often first search on the internet when looking for a house to buy. Pictures and videos are very important. Make sure that your photos are professionally taken and that you have taken care to declutter and stage your home before taking photos.

If you can’t be bothered to clean up the house before taking photos, you give potential buyers the impression that there is not enough storage space. Most won’t be able to see past the clutter.

  1. A lack of curb appeal and outdated decorating

If the first impression the potential buyer gets of your house is not favourable, you cannot expect to sell it quickly.

Everybody’s taste is different. Loud patterns and bold colors can be big distractions.

People may be disappointed in the way you have decorated your house and this will keep them from making you an offer.

Your house may be in a good condition, but it may look as though it may be run-down or outdated. Take care to present your house in the best possible light.

  1. Your house is not clean

No matter how awesome your house may be, if there is any mess in it a potential buyers won’t be able to see how awesome it is. They’ll see the dirty toilet, the pet hairs, children’s toys and general clutter and will not be able to picture themselves in this space.

It is a lot of effort to keep your house in show condition during the selling process. However, when nothing distracts a buyer from making you an offer, you will be glad you did!

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